Test Series

"Life is a Test, Don't Stress, Do your Best and Forget the Rest"

NALANDA IAS'S Test Series is conducted not only for its students but also for outsiders to evaluate their level of preparation with 15 Tests of GS-I and GS-II (CSAT).

1.  UPSC

Comprehensive test series is designed and based on Civil Services Examination.

2.  Conducted on OMR Sheet

The Preliminary Tests are conducted on an OMR sheet on the lines of the UPSC Examination.

3.  Exam Oriented Question

Tests are designed to cover most of the important concepts which have possibility of being asked in actual Prelims exam on the basis of years' experience.

4.  e-Evaluation OMR Software

Prelims Tests are checked by e-Evaluation OMR Software so that aspirants can identify their strengths and weaknesses and fine tune their preparation.

5.  Learn to tackle Exam Strees

Prelims Test Series is helpful for aspirants to tackle the stressful environment of the examination.