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Reference Books




Ancient India

6th& 11th

6th& 12th


The Hindu (Issues related Ancient India)

Medieval India

7th& 11th

7th& 12th


The Hindu (Issues related Medieval India)

Modern India

8th& 12th

8th& 12th

  • India’s Struggle for Independence:

Bipan Chandra

The Hindu (Issues related Modern India, like; 2015 was celebrated 100th anniversary of arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in India from South Africa)

Indian Polity/




  • Bare Acts of the Indian Constitution:

PM Bakshi


  • Indian Polity:

Laxmi Kant


  • Indian Constitution :SubhashKasyap

The Hindu (Issues related Indian Polity, like; Preamble, NJAC, Joint Session of Parliament etc.), Political & Economic Weekly Magazine, Yojna Magazine and Kurukshetra Magazine etc.

Indian Economy



  • Economic Survey: Govt. of India


  • Indian Economy: Ramesh Singh


The Hindu (Issues related Indian Economy like; PM Jan-Dhan Yojna, NITI Ayog, etc.)

Geography of India & World

6th to 10th

11th& 12th

  • Oxford School Atlas (both India & Common)
  • Indian and World Geography:

Majid Hussain

  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography:

Goh Cheng Leong

The Hindu (Issues related Indian and World Geography

Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change


12TH (Last 5 Chapter of Biology)

  • Efforts Towards Green India – Environment and Ecology:

Arihant Publication

The Hindu (Issues related biology, geography and Environment and human health)

General Science



6th to 10th

  • Science and Technology in India:

TMH Publication

The Hindu (Issues related health, Space, Computer, Defence  etc.

GK/ Current affairs



  • India year book 2016
  • GS manual :

TMH publication/ Arihant publication

  • Manorama year book 2016





TV Channels



    All India Radio News


    Rajya Sabha TV

    Lok Sabha TV

    DD News