Interview Guidance

1.  Personality Development

Personality development is a gradual process and takes time. It does not happen overnight.

2.   Personal Interview

Nalanda's personal interview simulates the actual interview experience for you. The panel consists of Experienced Mentors. Each interview session is followed by a detailed feedback and steps to perform to your potential in the actual interview.

3.  Interview Knowledge Sessions

A series of Intensive / Extensive knowledge sessions to cover current affairs and trends- from deciphering the budget to understanding Politics , International Relation, Science & Technology, Social Issues, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Banking, HR etc - all the usual favorites of GD/PI panels.

4.  The PDP Handbook

The PDP handbook from Nalanda IAS is your personalized diary that consists of Personality tests, Analysis, list of relevant topics & a repository of interview experience of successful candidates.

5.  Video Recording Session

The interviews are video recorded and the feedback shared by referring to your performance in the interview. Taking a look at your own self while appearing for an interview & learning from it could be give you an edge.