The students who start preparing for UPSC during their graduation, so they can make effective use of the very vital under-graduate years for laying strong foundation for their UPSC preparation.

2. Thorough Coverage of the Prescribed

The Program undertakes thorough coverage of the prescribed syllabus of General studies and the optional subjects by well trained subject experts and professionals under the guidance and direction of Miss Kalpna & Mr. Sunil.

3. Competitive Exam is not Academic Exam

Civil Services Exam requires knowledge base of specified subjects. These subjects though taught in schools and colleges are not necessarily oriented towards the exam approach. Coaching classes at NALANDA IAS are different from classes conducted in schools and colleges with respect to their orientation. Classes are targeted towards the particular exam.

4. Make Strong Foundation

All these efforts go well in laying a solid foundation not only for preparation of UPSC but it proves to be extremely useful for overall personality development of students who would like to pursue any other career as well.

5. Introducation with Pattern of UPSC

This course has been designed as an introduction to the preparation for civil services exams. The students are given exposure to a broad range of topics, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the preliminary and mains exams of UPSC.

6. Transform Ordinary into Extraordinary

The Focus is on to enhance the student's capacity and help them to transform ordinary things into extraordinary opportunity.